Good night, prudes. Go have your G-rated dreams. Prude filled dreams. Dream the dream of prudes, prude.

21 years old probably drunk Rachael


Illustration by Alice Lin
Texts from mom



can’t wait to live in a house in portland with ass-magic next year

I proposed last night 💍

Anonymous: I'd walk 500 miles over barbed-wire and broken glass just to suck the lug nuts off the truck that takes your panties to the cleaners.

greatest of all time

My blog looks weird without daily selfies on it 😅

A guy on cops just got put in handcuffs and said ‘I’m gonna sue you guys!’ And the officer said ‘for what?’ And the guy said ‘this right here with these handcuffs, I’m a prisoner of war.’

My side blog my main blog now



sharpy at the white house

If I was a rapper I would sample so many lines from cops 🌝